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I built this website in March 2022 in the early days of the Russian invasion to facilitate donations from friends and family abroad as well as a hub for news and editorials from Ukraine during the war.

Even at that time, though, I imagined a time that the L'viv Alliance would be an instrument for future investment in the redevelopment and recovery of Ukraine.

While the war is not close to over, and while we're still very much involved with military and humanitarian aid, I'm turning over the calendar year as well as a new page in the impromptu existence of the Alliance.

As of the spring of 2023, I will be looking to build a portfolio of business and investment ideas inside and outside of Ukraine, and from there create an opportunity for all of us to do our small but necessary part for the future of a strong and vibrant Ukraine.

Never under-estimate millions of people contributing to a righteous cause.



I've been a part-time resident of L'viv for much of the last five years. I also have homes and businesses in neighbouring countries; all in former-communist Europe. Depending on your preference, I'm either Thomas, Tom, or Justin.

As a kid growing up in Cold War America, the collapse of communism and the resulting changes from the 1990s onwards was a constant source of intrigue to me. Seeing the large-scale damage done to societies by single-party rule, communist economics, and lack of a free and independent press, I was eager to learn more about the long and diverse histories of these societies, and eventually participate as a private investor in their (hopefully brighter) futures. I am neither wealthy nor particularly successful by American standards, but do benefit from a broad range of knoweldge and investing. Freedom of the individual to pursue his/her passion is a passion of mine.

This Russo-Ukrainian War surprised me and it has me mostly angry and sad. Still, it has also provided folks like me with an opportunity to do even more for the cause of freedom, individual liberty, and reinforce the power of private citizens and investors in shaping the society in which we live.

The "L'viv Alliance" is just a moniker at the moment, something I stumbled upon while thinking about the idea of the L'viv Lions. L'viv means Lion. For American donors, we are not a 501(c)3 and I operate the entity as a DBA. I declare donations as "income" and the resulting contributions as "expenses". You will see our diverse contributors on the "reporting" page, and I have always maintained the status as our biggest donor as a matter of .


This is me and one of the best interpreters in the English/Ukrainian/Russian languages... and one of the best friends a person could have. Photo: Rynok Square, Lviv 2022.

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be a lviv ally

This idea is under development, but the idea is how to bring people, organisations, and businesses together from inside and outside of Ukraine.

I hope to be talking to folks throughout 2023 to get a better idea of where our best opportunities rest.

Please feel free to share with me your thoughts at any time via the contact form below.

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