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Financial Summaries

I provide this page for periodic reporting of activity so that donors can see where their funds are going.

As a small operation that spends pretty much everything that we receive in Ukraine -- groceries, wholesale food, farm-direct food, Uber rides, etc -- you can be sure that little is not going to help Ukrainians inside Ukraine.

While I keep all the receipts from expenditures and records of donaions, it's important that you know your contribution isn't going to be tax deductible. Like most everyone, I didn't know months in advance that war was coming.

Financial Report Files:

Donors' List (thru 15 October 2022)

Volodymyr Vernadskyy Level

Steve Gallagher (Denver CO)

Walter Jacques (Oklahoma City OK)

Ted Noyes (Boulder CO)

Rici & Michael Peterson (Tucson AZ)

Tom Gallagher (wherever)

Marlene Harlow (Reading PA)

Robert & Peggy Fleck (Reading PA)

Lesya Ukrainka Level

Karen Cicchineli & Mike Capilo (Berks/Chester Co PA)

Ellen Gallagher (Reading PA)

Lisa Laughlin Schneider (Austin TX)

Martha Richardson (Reading PA)

Barry Kyper (Reading PA)

Juli Manring (Key West FL)

Jan & Peter Newman (Fremantle WA AUS)

Christine & Peter Leinbach (Atlanta GA)

Steve Myers (Manchester ENG)

Samantha Johnson (Seattle WA)

Jessica Beghtel (Amarillo TX)

Michael Allen (Memphis TN)

Jenna Bristol (Boston MA)

Matthew Rudy (Easton CT)

Morgan Bailey (Tucson AZ)

Constance Blevins (USA)

Julie & Dale Stern (Reading PA)

Kathie Stenberg (Boulder CO)

Marienne Boston (Grand Junction CO)

Jack & Karen Leadbetter (USA)

Erica Burns (Washington DC)

Alison Bushman (Newport KY)

Marina Pevzner (Seattle WA)

Ashley Meadows (Columbus GA)

Wendy Robinson (Clinton Twp MI)

Ivan Garcia (Atlanta GA)

Sarah Heller (Hewitt TX)

Richele Silva (Long Beach CA)

Lucinda Manges (Lancaster PA)

Rick Stoudt & Kevin Shea (Reading PA)


Taras Shevchenko Level

Elizabeth Green (NY)

Donny Mark (Minneapolis, MN & Tivat MNE)

Dr Ryan Krch (Phoenix, AZ)

Stuart Wilson (Geelong VIC AUS)

Kirk Lawrence (Reading PA)

Jill Trasatti (Chicago IL)

Michele Rest (San Diego CA)

Susan Paprcka (Milwaukee WI)

Beverly & Christian Malinowski (Reading PA)

Marienne Boston (Grand Junction CO)

Dora Csornyei (Gyor HUN)

Ivana Vukicevic (Bar MNE)

Judie Austin (Greensboro NC)

Janet Barr (Hamburg PA)

Donald Dickerson (Houston TX & Reading PA)

Russ & Virginia Frey (Reading PA)

Andrew & Margaret Gallagher (Fredericksburg VA)

Kim Galley (Reading PA)

Jake Poinier (Phoenix AZ)

Chris Barr (Cincinnati OH)

Haley Arndt (Denver CO)

Jason Ludwig (Atlanta GA)

James Gallagher (Lancaster PA)

Haller Graff (Reading PA)

Jeff Ludwig (Harrisburg PA)

Gerry DeLong (Berks PA)

Anita Wentzel (Berks PA)

Tim & Karen Barr (Hamburg PA)

Joe & Nancy Barr (Hamburg PA)

Bill & Betty Barr (Robeonia PA)

Fred Opalinski (Reading PA)

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