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Just a Wave "Hello" & a year-end Thank You

I haven't written in a while, but will start back up in January. But there are videos for now...
I was on local TV again while visiting Pennsylvania. It's an hour-long programme, and all of it was dedicated to Ukraine on 15 December 2022.

I haven't written or posted anything in a while, as I've been focusing on business matters outside of Ukraine since mid-November. I'm also in the midst of a friends-n-family tour around the US: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia (the state), South Carolina... It's interesting to note that over the years, I've taken flights from Budapest to Reykjavik (Iceland), Marrakesch (Morocco), and Amman (Jordan) all of which were under or around 4hr, while the flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix is five and a half hours. That puts the size of the different regions in prespective, doesn't it?

In addition to all those other goings-on, I'm feeling like I need a new subject on which to write, and I suspect Zelenskyy's visit might be a good beginning to get me going again. So look for me to get something in your inbox in mid-January. I'll also be re-orienting, redoing the wallpaper and touching up the paint. Most critically is I'll be looking to all of you for thoughts on matters of businesses investment across a whole range of industries from craft brew to clean energy technology to hospitality and tourism in Ukraine. The war isn't going to be over soon, but it's not too soon to prepare for the new opportunities that will arise from a victorious Ukraine.

Between now and then, if you're interested, you can hear me talk on the latest developments from Ukraine on that TV programme that my father used to host years ago: Berks Perspectives:

I was on twice in two weeks, but the second appearance wasn't entirely dedicated to Ukraine.

So for now, I'm wishing you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous and free new year. It's been interesting for me to observe that the primary focus of the family Christmas season in Ukraine has shifted more to the 25th of December from the 7th of January. Presently, what seems to be emerging is one healthy, vibrant holiday season from 24 December to 13 January. Should all our jpyous holidays persist so long against such unhappy circumstances!

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