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Multimedia Update

This is late, I know. Life gets in the way; projects like my regular updates get sidetracked. Even a state of war becomes normal. Personally I've just been making adjustments in case all this lasts more than a couple years.

"Field of Mars" at the Lychakiv Cemetery in L'viv is the burial site for soldiers killed in prior and current wars.

I took a stab at a video update, hoping it might save me some time and perhaps capture a little more interest than my written pieces. (No luck on the former, but let's see about the later.) I'll do it again in May, but promise to be more sophisticated in what I produce for you folks. Next month will come from the south and east.

Bonus video (don't you feel lucky?)

I also did a Q&A for some clever students in Sweden this week and so if you want a more comprehensive and informative video, check this out.

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