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Current Campaigns & Previous Projects

The L'viv Alliance is still active in Ukraine, particularly in support on our fighting forces. On this page you'll learn about some of the major projects we've been involved in as well as the a link to make donations via PayPal for our current campaign.


Donations via PayPal go through my Pennsylvania LLC: Shackamaxon Studios

On-Going Campaign

2-for-1 on MAVIC 3 Reconnaissance
drone for the troops

It's no secret that off-the-shelf commercial UAVs (drones) have had a huge impact on the battlefield. In a recent discussion with our brothers in the international legion, some fierce Frenchman in this case, disclosed that while they were happy with their weapons, they were really feeling at a disadvantage without adequate eyes in the sky.

The price of one of these units is about US$2000, and I'm going to match that when we raise that money and buy a second units for the domestic troops. That's two Mavic 3 units for only $2000 raised. If 100 people donate $20, we'll be there in no time. (Hopefully by the end of March.)


Current Campaign

3-for-1 on "New" Truck for Special OPS Unit in Bankhmut

My buddies in an international sniper unit presently fighting in the Bakhmut area just had lost one of their trucks. We need to get them new wheels. This is not an uncommon situation.

I'm going to match every $1 donated with $2 on this campaign.

Donations via PayPal go through my Pennsylvania LLC: Shackamaxon Studios


Previous Projects


SAve A Soldier?
Buy an IFAK.

Lviv Alliance will be supplying 30+ IFAKs (individual first aid kits) to soldiers through our partners at Rebel Volunteers of Mykolaiv. These kits would be used to save the lives of those Ukrainian soldiers currently fighting on the Kherson front.


Each IFAK costs about $125 to assemble and so we want you to team up to meet this goal if that amount is too dear. You can contribute individually, of course. Your name(s) and town will go on a small card in the kit so the soldier knows who supports Ukraine.

Purchase "Technicals"

"Technicals" is the name that has been applied to the modified civilian vehicles used by the ZSU in the defense of Ukraine. While big and/or high-tech weapons from NATO allies have grabbed many of the headlines, much of the Ukrainian success is attributed to innovative solutions by the troops on the ground. The L'viv Alliance has been part of the pipeline for buying civilian cars, getting them painted in camouflage, and getting them to the troops who need them. Those troops could be in a light artillery team or a fast-attack unit involved in the recent liberation of Kharkiv Oblast.


Food Aid For IDPs in L'viv

In the spring, L'viv was bursting at the seams with internally displaced people from around Ukraine. The city's several districts were each tasked with supplying newly arrived persons with food and necessities. L'viv Alliance was the primary supporter of the historic district supply centre for several week in the spring of 2022.

Field Rations for Soldiers

In the spring of 2022, local communities around Ukraine reacted quickly to supplying their loved ones on the front with essentials. L'viv Alliance teamed up with women in Hryada, a village north of Ukraine, to produce various food stuffs that could be stored and eaten in the field. We also helped in the transport of those items to the Donbas front.

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